The Spark 2019 Orientation Registration

A spark is the ignition of something powerful and for you, it will be the beginning of a transformative journey. The Spark is your very own Sauder orientation, and it's like nothing you've ever seen before. We can't wait! Buckle up and get ready to meet your classmates and experience a weekend to remember! But first, help us fill out some information about you

Personal Information
What we will print on your name tag!
Each Spark participant will get a snazzy t-shirt to wear throughout the weekend. Think of the t-shirt as your ticket to the events you will be participating in. What size will you need? For sizing purposes please note these will be unisex t-shirts.
We will work with our caterer to accommodate any special dietary needs. Please check the appropriate box(es) if you have a food allergy or special dietary restrictions we should know about. (Please only note allergies and restrictions, not preferences.)
Is there anything we should know about you to help you have the best Spark experience? Whether it be physical, mental, or communication related, if there is something we can do to help you fully participate in this event, please indicate here.
Registration Information

Registration for The Spark is $50 + 5% GST. What will this get you?

  • a snazzy t-shirt and other swag
  • Friday night dinner, all your meals on Saturday
  • all fees included for externally facilitated events
  • a weekend of fun, and memories to last a lifetime!