Academic Concession Request

Academic Concession Request (missed course work)

If you are NOT a BCOM student requesting academic concessions, please contact an advisor in your home faculty. If your home faculty refers you to your COMM or COHR instructor, you are expected to follow the process to request academic concessions as stated in

You must complete all the sections (Student Information, Request Basis, Courses Affected, and Student Agreement) as well as all the fields marked with an asterisk in each section.

Student Information
Request Basis
Courses Affected

e.g., COMM290

e.g., 001

e.g., L01

e.g., Introduction to Quantitative Decision Making

Last, First

Exam Date/Time
E.g., Sep 21 2019
E.g., 08:00pm
Concession Date *
Empty 'End date' values will use the 'Start date' values.
E.g., 2019/09/21
E.g., 2019/09/21
Student Agreement

I have read and understood the information on academic concessions. I understand that an Academic Concession is a privilege approved under extenuating circumstances, and that I am responsible for the accuracy of the above-listed information and for the follow-up and completion of outstanding work by the established deadline